The Lord dedicates the portion for everyone but he doesn’t put them in their hands

We established IRC relying on science & technology, worked besides our customers and achieve a worthy position in internal/ regional and even global level in some aspects.
Applying everything from transmission of international technical knowledge, finding internal expert personnel and training them through the help of the foreign experts to identification of the market needs and long-term investment for constructing appropriate infrastructure and whatever being professional needed lead us to gain “client trusts” - our major asset-    
We feel the lack of the company which covers the entire field marketing research activities comprehensively during the whole years of our working in this industry.
IRC is providing comprehensive specialized marketing research services considering the above-mentioned gap and more competitive market, presence of the international companies and global reliable brands, increasing trust of the local managers to the marketing research activities.  
We hope mentioned items and information in the site answers your questions and meets the needs and helps you for correct decision making based on “best selection”
Waiting eagerly to provide the new marketing research services - the critical need of the prospective companies - in accordance with global standards.