Opening the 1st Specialized Marketing Research Building in Iran

IRC Established the first and the largest (1500 Sq. M) specialized marketing research building in Iran in, 2014 including facilities as below: two focus group rooms with one-way mirror, Gang survey room, observation room equipped with all online audio and video recording devices, central location test room with specialized equipment and kitchen, amphitheater, and 100 specialized stations for telephone interviews. The building facade is a combination of digital and local designs based on Persian language of numbers.

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Launching the New Website of Agah Company

Agah new website launched in May 2015 as
The website includes services, clients, colleagues, about us; contact us, cooperation invitation and news; meanwhile respondents’ enrollment, marketing research news and online interview will be add to the website accordingly

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Message of President

God Dedicated an Aliment for Everyone, but He Doesn’t Put it in Their Hands
We established IRC relying on hard work, science, and technology.; Worked side by side of our clients to be where we are. Thanks to our clients and our team we claim we are conducting all of our projects meeting, even exceeding, global Marketing Research standards.
We can claim, with honor, that we gained our major asset “CLIENT TRUST” through these years, with localizing and applying world technical knowledge, training our local employees with help of international experts, identification of market needs and long-term investment to build the required infrastructures.
Through these years we always have felt the gap for a professional “Marketing Research Agency” who can meet Marketing Research needs in Iran Market, meeting global standard. Nowadays, with more competitive market and presence of international brands in Iran market, IRC can bridge the mentioned gap and deliver the global level Marketing Research.
We hope information in our website answers your questions and helps you to make the right decision. We are “Eagerly” looking forward to talk to you and provide you “Marketing Research” services that are tailored for your needs meeting globally accepted standards.

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