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IRC Iran (AGI) is a full-fledged marketing company with solid and extensive background in the field of “Marketing Research”. We have evolved our resources and processes through a systematic expansion, which enabled us to successfully implement various Non-traditional Marketing Campaigns. We are being recognized as a BLT Marketing Leader in Iran.
IRC Iran (AGI) was primarily aimed to engage in the marketing research projects for local and international clients. We have successfully raised numerous professionals who are in charge variety of international accounts and handling their diverse projects nationwide.
By launching our Promotional Sampling Unit in 2005, we have pioneered an innovative method of marketing towards Iranian consumers; brands had an option to establish an effective and sustainable relationship with consumers.
IRC Iran (AGI), as the largest Marketing Research and Filed Marketing (Sampling, Merchandising, Sales Animation,…) Company in Iran, Currently running nationwide promotional operations for Nestle, Henkel , Paxan and some other local brands.

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