About us

IRC Iran (AGI) License

Representative of European Society of Marketing Research (ESOMAR)

Board member of Iranian Marketing Research Association

Member of American Quality Research Consultants Association

Grade 1 Professional License Accreditation from Iran Statistics Center, in Economic, Social and Household fields


2000: Established Market Research “MR” Department

2005: Established IRC Iran Brand

2005: Established Field Marketing Department (Sampling)

2006: Established IRC offices in Mashhad, Shiraz and Karaj

2007: Established IRC offices in Isfahan & Tabriz

2008: Added New Field Marketing Activities in (Merchandising, Promotion, … )

2009: Joined One of the Largest MR Firm in the World with over 100 Branches,

2010: Established IRC offices in Ahwaz & Rasht

2012: Conducted Huge MR Projects (e.g. retail census in 58 cities)

2013: Started Retail Audit Project in 23 Cities

2014: Established Largest Specialized MR Building in Iran

2015: Launched IRC New Website

2016: Shifted to Online Interviewing

Our Mission

Help our local and international clients to understand consumers need and market dynamics. As well as cooperating in the planning and execution phases of our clients’ marketing plan, according to the cultural, consumption habits, and trade practices in Iran.

Our Vision

Gaining regional and international reputation as a professional successful marketing research and being preferred choice for local and international companies who seek professional Marketing Research services.

Our Values

To Our Colleagues

They are the main pillars for this group; we always try to maintain a highly motivational working environment by taking into account each individual’s personality, scientific and technical competencies.


To Our Company

We strongly believe in growth of our Company while being highly committed to the professional ethics and our Vision, Mission and Values to enhance our professionality with hard work.


To Our Society

With honor of being a member of our Society as a legal citizen, we always respect our social values and norms; As an active member of our society we are supporting and initiating positive activities which shall create jobs in all levels.